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Overcoming your Inner Critic

One of the greatest ways we disempower ourselves is by allowing our inner critic to take over our thoughts and eventually our actions. Feeding off feelings of fear and lack of confidence, this critic produces massive amounts of self-doubt which can hold us back from achieving phenomenal things in life. One of its favorite times to strike is often at pivotal points in our lives. However, this could be a sign that we are about to embark on a journey to great success if we can just learn to silence it.

The unfortunate truth you need to remember about your inner critic is that you cannot kill it. It is a part of you and will always attempt to steal your attention and ultimately, your self-worth.

Your challenge is to immediately recognize it and silence it as soon as it rears its ugly head.

This is something we all battle with from time to time. Personally, it is something that is a constant battle for me. Even with launching this page. This awful inner critic loved to fill my mind with thoughts of “You are wasting your time”, “Nobody cares what you have to say”, “You can’t help anybody”. I had to learn to silence it and do what I wanted to do anyway. If I had listened to him, I never would have taken the next step in pursuing something I am incredibly passionate about.

By listening to this inner gremlin some of our greatest ideas on how to change our relationships, our workplace, our lives, lay dormant in the back of our minds and game over, the gremlin wins again.

The 5 “R” process to fighting your inner critic/Gremlin

· RECOGNIZE – This is not true it is gremlin talk, I know his favorite lines

· REFUTE AND AFFIRM – This is not true. What is true for me is…

· REMOVE – Don’t let him travel with you, throw him out of your mind, car, workplace, etc.

· REGAIN – Remember how you have been successful in the past and regain your self-confidence

· RETURN – Return to the present, focusing on here and now.

By sharpening our awareness and using the 5 “R” process, we can catch the gremlin early, before he is able to gain strength.

Silencing your inner critic is no easy task. If this is something you find yourself struggling with or you would like to learn more about the 5 “R” process. Reach out to me and together we can overcome the gremlin talk that is holding you back from unleashing an UNLIMITED YOU.

Recommended Reading: Richard Carson: Taming your Gremlin

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