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Close the Gap From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be So You Can
Look, Live, Feel, and Age Better Than You Ever Have Before
Health GAP is supporting adults all over the world to transform their health in a totally unique, practical & fun way, and here's how:

Weight gain is not as simple as calories in vs. calories out!

Hormonal imbalances are not expected, just because you are a woman!

You should not be constantly tired and fatigued just because you have a busy life full of responsibilities!

Disease is not something that comes with age!

Everything I have just mentioned is a SYMPTOM of a deeper imbalance within your body.

Your body does not need to be fixed...

It gets to be REBALANCED!​

Mind, body and soul!

There are 3 core systems in your body that, when imbalance, lead to symptoms and dis-ease:


- Your gut and digestive system

- Your liver and detoxification system

- Inflammation and your immune system


Rebalance and repair the damage in these 3 core areas and watch your symptoms disappear and your condition reverse.


Did you know that 95% of autoimmune conditions are completely reversible and your genetics only play a 25% role in influencing your risk of developing disease?

Health GAP, a 1 year wellness mentorship has been designed to help busy adults with little time on their hands, not only repair and rebalance these 3 core systems, but to get connected to your genetic make up and create a lifestyle that turns off disease causing genes and turns on protective genes, whilst supporting your unique genetic make-up.
This results in you living at your full potential and experiencing a thriving life, both mentally and physically.
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Have you noticed that we tend to take our health for granted because it is something that has always just been there until one day… It’s not!?
The truth is, the choices you make now, in this very moment, will directly determine how you will look, live, feel, & age when you are 50, 60, 70, even 80 years old.
Many people do not want to live a healthier life because they fear they will miss out, that healthy living is boring, restrictive, expensive and all-round sucky...
This attitude is because we have been lied to and let to believe that in order to live well you need to spend an hour a day in the gym, eat nothing but steamed broccoli & chicken, give up coffee, alcohol & basically anything else that currently brings you joy...
UUURRGGG!!!! No wonder you aren't interested!!!
Health GAP takes everything you thought you knew about what it means to live well and turns it on its head.
There is a NEW approach to living well and it is built on 1 core mantra:

Start small. Be consistent. Get support. Let it be fun.

It's Time To Allow Space In Your Life For All The Things You Deserve, That You Were Born To Have!

Lifestyle Benefits


Live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that you LOVE and are excited about every day


Achieve your goals with a strong support structure


Feel energized, both mentally & physically


Feel fulfilled by your day instead of dragging yourself through it

Develop & healthy relationship with food & your body

Have regular ME time in your schedule, even with a busy life

Gain the ability to reduce & manage stress

Physical Benefits


Get rid of bloating, acid reflux, food sensitivities and other digestive issues

Experience high energy levels throughout the day so you can achieve the things you want to achieve with ease

Rebalance your hormones to feel like your old self again

Lose excess weight

Decrease inflammation and your risk of developing chronic & autoimmune disease.

Improve & potentially reverse chronic & autoimmune condition

Mindset Benefits


Improve your mental health by getting rid of anxiety, mood swings & brain fog


Feel confident in your own skin




Find peace, joy & fulfillment in your everyday routines

Learn how to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back

Begin to truly love yourself unconditionally, even if it feels impossible at this stage

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If you are ready to make a change and say YES to the life you know you want, then book a no obligation call below to see if Health GAP is the right fit for you!
What's Included in Health GAP?

A step by step guide on everything you need to know to turn your mind, body and life around completely

A 100% self paced program to keep you out of overwhelm
Step by step Protocols for gut repair, increasing energy, hormonal rebalancing, detoxification and immune system resilience
Monthly private AND group coaching sessions
A team of 6 wellness experts in your corner to guide you through it
Functional lab work guidance & access to testing to get to the root of what is happening inside your body (Genetics, hormone analysis, nutrient deficiencies, parasites, etc.)
Live, interactive cooking demos teaching you how to cook delicious, plant based meals the whole family will love
A video recipe library to help you break into creativity in the kitchen with ease.
And so much more!
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Here is to partnering up to achieve Optimal Health & Happiness.

With Love Always,
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