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"I feel it is crucial for us to believe that anything another person has overcome or accomplished is living proof that whatever you want to overcome or accomplish is possible for you and fully within your reach, regardless of your past or present circumstances. This begins by accepting responsibility for your own health and taking action. I am with you every step of the way"

- Stephi G

Working with Stephi has changed my whole life.

As a 31 year old wife and mother, I initially started working with her hoping she could help me increase my energy, lose weight and get rid of abdominal pain. My whole life I have struggled with sleep, sometimes getting as little as 4 hours a week. This affected my energy, mood and productivity. I also lived with constant heartburn and could not eat or drink anything without taking Gaviscon or Omez antacids. Since I was a teenager I have dealt with terrible hormonal imbalances causing irregular and painful mensuration cycles. This lead me to drink painkillers for the majority of the month. I was also on medication for abdominal pain. I went from Doctor to Doctor for years trying to find the problem but no one could help me and I was always just prescribed more medication. All these conditions together lead to an incredibly high monthly pharmacy bill, a loss of hope and an inability to enjoy life the way I wanted to. It affected my job and my relationship with my family. After working with Steph for 3 months I am off all medication. I now have regular periods with minimal discomfort, my heartburn and abdominal pain are completely gone and I get a full nights sleep on a regular basis. My diet has improved, my energy levels are up, I've lost more weight than what I had expected to and I have been able to go back to work full time.

Thank you Stephi for helping me. By working with you I was able to learn how to live a healthier life, heal my body and live my life to the fullest, the way I have always wanted to. Your support and guidance on this journey has truly changed my life.

Roelien N.

Stephi is amazing at what she does. Since she has been in my life she has transformed my way of thinking, eating and being healthy

Claudea A.

Exceptional, in-depth knowledge about health, nutrition and the human body. Stephi has the ability to convey information that is relevant, usable and easy to understand. This is only matched by her ability to provide executable and realistic tasks to improve everyday health.

Brian N

My initial goal when approaching Stephanie, was in my opinion, unreachable since I failed with so many previous attempts. Reading her articles on Facebook and her website gave me the sense that she might know something I don't. 34 years and obese, father of energetic 5 year old & keen golfer but my time is consumed with hours in front of my computer, or on the road.

Goal 1 was energy, falling asleep in the afternoon affected my work, heartbreakingly it also affected my time with my son. Goal 2, initially, was to lead a healthier lifestyle.

This quickly changed to the need to lose weight, without following the path of feeling hungry constantly.

Stephanie's recommendations and approach has changed my life, my relationship with my son, and also allowed me to feel and be more productive during the day.

I would highly recommend Stephanie as a Health coach for any person at any age.

Specifically, I want to recommend her to people where the following statements ring true:

Immediately after a meal you still feel hungry, but you can't eat more food

If you feel like falling asleep halfway through the day, even though you had a good night's rest

If you felt like no eating plan will work for better health, because you have made attempts and have failed

When words like keto, fastening, paleo or vegan diet gives you the chills or a cold sweat.

75 Days later some unexpected side effects:

I now know truly the difference between feeling hungry, being hungry, and knowing when my body needs food.

Grocery shopping makes sense

The pharmacists phones me know to find out if everything is ok, since I don't need to self medicate on a regular basis like I did before I met Stephanie

The concept of how much food to prepare had a ripple effect on massive savings

I dropped almost 2 shirts sizes and down more than 2 pant sizes (had to make 4 additional holes in my existing belts for temporary solutions)

My legs are not swollen, or sensitive to touch.

I have lost tremendous amounts of weight, gained energy and very clearly increased my overall health from small things like numbness in my feet to understanding why I get sick, or feel hungry.

And to think this is only the start...and already its a lifestyle.

Brian N

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