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I am an avid health and wellness enthusiast but this was not always the case. My whole life changed a few years ago when I decided to take full responsibility for my own health and improving my quality of life in every area available to me.

Unknown to me at the time, my journey started at the young age of 6 when I contracted Lyme Disease (a.k.a Tick Bite Fever). This is a fairy common disease, affecting over 30,000 people in the United States annually. After 4 weeks of treatment I had recovered and was back to normal, or so I thought. As it turns out the disease was never fully eradicated from my system and for nearly 20 years, wreaked havoc in my body, causing problems that are seemingly entirely unrelated to a silly tick. I struggled for many years with weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, skin and GI issues. In my mid 20’s when the abdominal pain had gotten too much for me to live with, I found functional Medicine.


My functional medicine doctor immediately picked up the presence of the disease and, through multiply on site testing, was able to find various food sensitivities, liver, kidney and adrenal dysfunction and a multitude of gut and intestinal issues that were the cause of all my symptoms.


He put me on an all-natural treatment plan to clean out my organs and repair the damage to my colon and within 3 months I had drastic improvements in my symptoms.

With the new knowledge and understanding I had gained from my doctor and the whole experience with functional medicine I decided to become the master of my own body and try to understand it at the deepest level possible. In an attempt to heal myself, I read and researched anything I could get my hand on regarding gut health, nutrition, mind body medicine and what is required in order for us to function AT OUR BEST.

I managed to lose 50 lbs and keep it off, drop my body fat by 10%, increase energy levels and get rid of acne for good. I spent 4 months living in China with the Shaolin Warrior monks learning about the mind body connection. How we think, move, and eat affects not only our body and mind, but every area of our lives down to our relationships and environment.

Functional Medicine helped me where conventional medicine only aggravated the problems. Don’t get me wrong, I respect conventional western medicine and find much value in it however I feel there is a time, place and treatment method for everything. Using functional medicine to find the root cause and naturopathic approaches as preventative and supplementary care we can minimize the amount of times we need to fall back on conventional medicine.

I decided to turn my passion for wellness and understanding of what it takes to turn your life around through nutrition and lifestyle changes into something more than just a hobby and way to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. I realized my passions align greatly with my sense of purpose which is to help people, to enrich their lives in one way or another. This led me to complete my certification as a Holistic Nutritionist and  Functional Medicine Health Coach. There is a wealth of knowledge out there which is why I know ill be a forever student. Forever learning, growing, and sharing what I learn with you.

The Journey of healing my body has not been an easy one and there is still a way to go but I have realized it gets a lot easier when you don’t solely rely on the knowledge and expertise of someone else, but you jump in the drivers seat, take the wheel and go forward with intent, teaming up with professionals who can help you along the way but not solely relying on them. After all, nobody knows your body or how you feel better than YOU.

We are blessed with this beautiful gift called LIFE, let’s work together to ensure we make the most of it and live the highest quality life available to us. Join me in creating and living YOUR BEST LIFE POSSIBLE. Let’s journey down the road to an UNLIMITED YOU.

If you would like to begin your own health & healing journey or take it to the next level, I'd love to have a acht & see how I can help you get there.

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Hi there, I'm Stephanie Grosvenor

- Founder: Vitamin G Nutraceuticals

- Owner: Unlimited You Coaching

-Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

- Certified Holistic Nutritionist

- Gut Health & Detoxification Specialist

- Stress & Anxiety Management Specialist

- Speaker & Mentor

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