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Thanks for joining the challenge YAAAAY!
Click the button below and the workbook will automatically download to your device.


  1. Join the Facebook group by clicking here

  2. Whiteflag so your daily challenge instructions don't go into junk mail

  3. Look out for the daily email with your challenge task (these are quick & to the point)

  4. Watch the daily video in my FB group for guidance and idea on the days topic

  5. Complete the task in the workbook and post it (if you want to) in the FB group


The full challenge and instructions are broken down into easy to follow steps in your workbook.

I cant promise every task will be effortless but they are all very doable. If this process was completely effortless it wouldn't be called a 5 day challenge now would it?

You made it this far, you may as well see it through to the end. I promise you will have some fun along the way while learning. When we challenge ourselves we break the mold and we grow. Isn't that exciting :)

To Optimal Health and Happiness

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