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"Genes, Greens, and Routines" is a practical e-book guide that presents a 5-step process for overcoming digestive issues such as bloating and food sensitivities.


This e-book starts by explaining the underlying causes of digestive distress, including the role of genetics, inflammation, and gut microbiome imbalances. It then provides you with a step-by-step approach to identifying trigger foods, eliminating them from your diet, and reintroducing them in a systematic way to pinpoint your specific food sensitivities.


We emphasize the importance of a whole foods diet, rich in plant-based foods, and provide tips for creating balanced meals that support gut health.


If you're looking for a straightforward approach to improving your digestive health, "Genes, Greens, and Routines" is the perfect guide to help you take control of your gut health and feel your best.

Genes, Greens & Routines eBook

  • - Where to start

    - All disease begins in the gut

    - The 5 step overview

    - Assess and Investigate

    - Remove & repair

    - Replace the foundations

    - Mindset & habit design

    - Eat the rainbow

    - Supplementation

    - Genetic Expression is the key to health & longevity

    - Next Steps going forward

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